Monday, January 18, 2010

the seven gifts that come from working from your inner world--Curiosity

Here is the second piece exploring the seven gifts that come from working from your inner world.
The curiosity to open closed doors and explore what's behind them.

I found, in thinking about this, that for me it as a much about courage as curiosity, This is a personal challenge for me--I HATE change and am almost always afraid to try new things because I always feel that I will fail,or worse--just be Not Good Enough-- and be both disappointed and disappointing.

That said, I will say that while those feelings were present as I ventured to explore altered art, and especially digital collage, my curiosity overcame the fear, and here I am--loving what I'm creating and not afraid to put it out here.

Anyway... Can't you just hear this woman's thoughts "should I or shouldn't I? What's out there? what will happen next?" Personally, I think she's leaning toward going. And the wise little owl will go along too.

The image is from Art-e-ology's Free Image Tuesday Flickr site; the owl from Graphics Fairy. The doorway is googled. The photoshop brushes are Neutron Colllapse and 8 2nds of Light, found on


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Your creating art on the seven gifts is thought provoking, creative and totally on-point. LynnF