Monday, August 1, 2016

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The Game of the Goose

Il nuovo et piacevole gioco dell ocha
(The new and enjoyable game of the goose)
Engraving published by Lucchino Gargano in 1598 with the game rules in the centre and pictures of fools in each corner.

The Royal game of Goose
The game of Goose was Invented by Francesco de Medici and was taken quite seriously amoung adult players. Now it is seen as a classic children's race game, you throw the dice and move gradually into the centre of the board with various 'miss a turn' obstacles along the way. the first one to the middle is the winner. The game is very good for younger children, this is all about luck rather than strategy. It makes a great present for kids who already have snakes and ladders.

The rules to Goose
A counter for each player
The object of the game is to be the first person to get to the end of the journey.
To Play
The youngest player goes first. Roll the dice and move your counter one square for each spot on the dice. Then it is the next player's turn unless one of these things happens:
If you throw a 3 on your first turn you can move straight to square 26.
If your counter lands on a Goose square you can move again without throwing the dice. You move the number of spots of your original throw. For example throw a 4, land on a Goose, move four squares forward again.
If you land on the Bridge, square 6, miss a turn while you pay the toll.
If you land on the Inn, square 19, miss a turn while you stop for some tasty dinner.
If you you land on the Well, square 31, make a wish and miss three turns. If another player passes you before your three turns are up you can start moving again on your next go.
If you land on the Labyrinth, square 42, you will get lost in the maze and have to move back to square 37.
If you land on the Prison, square 52, you will have to miss three turns while you are behind bars. If another player passes you before your three turns are up you can start moving again on your next go.
If you land on Dead, square 58, you have to go back to square 1 and start all over again!
Players may not share squares, so if your dice roll would land you on an occupied square you will have to stay where you are until it is your turn again.
To win you must reach square 63 exactly. If your dice roll is more than you need then you move in to square 63 and then bounce back out again, each spot on the dice is still one sqaure in this move. If you land on any of the special squares while you are doing this then you must follow the normal instructions.
When you land on square 63 exactly you are the winner!


  1. Interesting and lovely done this piece. You say kids that play snakes and ladders will play that.
    I suppose the ones who are into Harry Potter would appreciate this.

    If it has been on the market. I have not heard of the original kids play it. So as I say. Interesting.

  2. Wow that on heck of a game but it's beautiful.

  3. Muriel always wanted a swanlike neck. She got her wish but realised she should have been more specific. This is beautiful, funny and fabulous - and all at the same time.

  4. Wow, I never heard of Goose before. Love the collage and love the concept too.

  5. Hello Linda.
    This game looks to be quite fun and how nice that you included the rules. Maybe one to play with the coffee after a good meal, something not too strenuous. The game looks beautiful and I like how you have shown it with the geese.