Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In the Style of Loui Jover

Queensland, Australia-based artist Loui Jover creates striking artworks by using pen and dripping ink on pages of vintage books. While many of his pieces show the complicated emotions on a woman's face, Jover is equally adept at creating romantic love scenes of faceless silhouettes. Of course, his most powerful works are the ones where the ink drops in just the right places, at times resembling a small but noticeably stream of tears that silently fall on a distressed woman's face.
Jover creates his pen and ink drawings on vintage book paper because he believes that it adds to the fragility of the works, saying "the wind may blow them away at any moment." Also, juxtaposing the stark black lines with the intricate printed words offers "a strange fusion and depth that seems to give the images a kind of 'meaning' and back story, even though unconnected in a contrived way."
view his work here  or google him on Google Images to see his work.
Digital Mania has used Jover for our inspiration many times, and here he is again for us to play with and enjoy.
image of Karen Blixen ("Out of Africa") found in Pinterest, New York times page from Google.

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