Friday, May 20, 2016

Random 5 Friday

Thought i would try hooking up with Random 5 Friday at Nancy's A Rural Journal blog. Been living in western PA for a year now, so I guess I qualify as a suburban/rural sort by now...

So here goes:

1. I spend a few days a month volunteering at Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Mill Run.It's an amazing place and well worth a visit if you are in the area. On Tuesday evening we volunteers who accumulated 100 hours last year were treated to dinner, and a really RARE treat--because the weather was so cold we got to eat that dinner INSIDE the house, and then wander to our heart's content. Here's the beauty shot!

2. Trying my hand at gardening for the first time in decades.  Lost a few flowers to frost, but my tomato in a pot has four baby tomatoes and my herbs are doing nicely.

3. a peony bush that appeared last spring, but had no flowers last year came up again and has 7 buds.  Can't wait to see them blooming.

4.Looking out of my kitchen door this morning I can see finches, sparrows and a bright red carding at the feeder, a chipmunk digging for seeds below and robins and a rabbit in the grass.

5. Got my Senior Citizen free bus pass yesterday--yep, I am a fully fledged Senior, medicare card and all!  Go inf to try a solo trip to the market at the Crossroads later today!


  1. Happy Adventures with your new card - how fun!
    I have seen lots of photos of that house - YOU are the first person I've met who has actually been there . . and to think, you are one of the kind people watching over it . . (and enjoying fine dining . . wowzer!) Peonies seem like fairy tale magic to me . . . i hope you have photos to share. Great Weekend to YOU!!

  2. Welcome fellow Senior! Enjoy! FallingWater must be a marvelous place to volunteer. Nothing tastes like a home grown tomato -- they are so sweet and juicy. Herbs! Yes! Sounds like you have a lot of feathered and furry friends to enjoy. Have a lovely week!

  3. Hello, I am visiting Nancy's Random 5. I would like to tour the beautiful FallingWater house. It looks amazing. My hubby has the green thumb in the family, I am looking forward to some home grown tomatoes. Watching my yard birds is one of my favorite things to do. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. it! Glad to hear that your garden is off to a good start. We are finally having decent weather here. Enjoy your little bus ride to the market! Smile all the way!!! Aloha!

  5. I want to visit Falling Water a lot. It is such a fascinating piece of architecture. Lucky you to volunteer there. Glad the garden is going well too. :) Erika