Monday, January 18, 2016

Journal 52 Week 3

The prompts this week are
1. your favorite David Bowie song/lyrics
2. your favorite song/lyrics

WELL...I don't have a favorite David Bowie song (though I found it while searching his playlist)  I like his sound a lot, but the lyrics --not so much.

Then I discovered that he had covered one of my all time favorite John Lennon songs, "Across the Universe."

Bowie took Lennon's gentle chant of oneness with the universe, and turned it into a fierce anthem--accepting the flow of the universe while shouting "I still AM!"

You can hear his version here.

I printed the lyrics and cut them our, then did screen captures of Bowie from Google Images --so many different faces--and collaged them onto my pages. a little inking and some green tissue and voila' two prompts in one!


  1. I wish I had the stick-to-it gene so I could take on something like this...what a great exercise in creativity and expression. Beautiful spread...I wonder how much you'll learn about yourself doing this.....

  2. Ah, I did a whole year of lyrics two years ago, so this one didn't interest me. I keep getting the feeling I got out in the nick of time. Glad you are enjoying this challenge, so I'm sure you'll do well. It's a great tribute to Bowie.

    Did your read that Glenn Frey of the Eagles died on Monday? He was 67. His music was more my style than Bowie's, even though I was a bit young when both their music was "current."