Thursday, October 29, 2015

ihanna's Fall 2015 Postcard Swap

Once again I am playing in ihanna's postcard swap.  The deal is you join the swap  for a small fee ($7.00,) just to insure your completion of the task) and agree to make 10 postcards and give your address.  In a few weeks you will receive a list of 10 names and addresses from all over the world, and you send out your cards.
Then the fun begins!  Cards begin to trickle in from all over, in an enormous range of color, technique and beauty.  This year I am sending one to Hanna herself!

You can learn more about the swaps here.

This time I took Hanna's advice and worked in a series, using a set of painted, stamped and stenciled scrapbook paper backgrounds.


  1. Oh la-la-laaa, love this series Linda! Thanks for sharing. Now I can hardly wait to know which of these I'll get, thanks in advance!

    Have a great day!

  2. I love your cards Linda! :)
    A lot of yellow, strange graphs and elegance make them very unique and beautiful.

  3. Fun, quirky cards are the best! I love your color palette for these, and the "magnetic poetry" type phrases are cool.

  4. Fun! Fun! You inspire me to get back to my art journaling.