Thursday, October 9, 2014

a New (?) Technique

You know how I love Packing tape transfers!  I use them a lot and try all kinds of things. The other day I was reading an article about decorating for Halloween which contained a link to some printables.  The suggestion was to print them onto old book pages...

This made me think...I wondered if I could print them on glossy magazine pages, with my laser copier?  so I tried, and the prints were perfect--crisp and no smearing.--and looked great!

This made me think further--could I make a tape transfer from this print?

So I slapped on a piece of tape burnished the heck out of it and dunked it in a bowl of water, ans in a few minutes, the backing peeled off like a dream, transferring both the laser printed image and the text from the magazine page.  PERFECT!

Here is the resulting collage.  The torso and moths are the tape transfers. and the head is printed on the magazine page.  I love this, and am looking at all those text filled magazine pages in a whole new way!