Thursday, September 4, 2014

Daisy Yellow Color Fun Week 1

This project gives us 5 color prompts and 6 inspiration prompts to combine one to one in ATC size, as few or as many as we like for a week each.
week 1

1.Citron       a. forest
2 Peach       b. Mysterious
3. Lemon     c. flip flops
4. vemillion  d. Doodle
5. grapefruit e. album cover
                    f. Willie Wonka

Here are the four I have made so far

the word on the Lemon card is ACCIDENTAL


  1. Nice to meet you on the fun color challenge! I love your cards, so playful and so creative!! Best regards!

  2. Love the trees and kind of retro people on your cards, and they catch the colors nicely!