Monday, July 21, 2014

More ICADS--Catching up

Made over the weekend.
Day 48
doodled with flip chart marker, accidentally dripped coffee on it and magic happened.
a surfing chef!!!

Day 49
my shopping list, doodled while waiting for the bus.  Added the last bit after I looked at it after the trip. ;-)

Day 50
a bit of a deli paper-gelli plate mop up and some magazine bits.  Don't you want to know the story?

Day 51

Only 10 days left in this challenge--boy, it 's going by fast.  I'm still going to finish my 100 page album--64 so far.
these were inspired by a book review page for a book about modern China, and combined with traditional Chinese joss paper.

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  1. I'm really sorry I haven't visited. I've been away from my computer. I'm trying to catch up. I got a BIG kick out of your list. Sounds like something I would pull! Really LOVE the last two. Love those bright colors.