Saturday, November 9, 2013

Art Every Day--Day 9

Some more journal pages.

I was looking at ways to duplicate a gelli plate without the expense of buying one--I already spend WAY too much on art supplies, and really don't want the mess and storage of making one.  I found a tutorial that uses a plastic sheet protector, the clear plastic type that goes n a 3 ring binder.  I put an old magazine inside to give it a bit of padding, and have been making papers since yesterday.  Not very good ones yet, but not bad either.

I made this small duck tape journal a few months ago  It's made of scrapbook paper, with 20 6 x 6" pages.  Since the other side of each page is blank white, I used the prints I made as backgrounds. Also magazine cutouts, washi tape,random words, jelly pen and sharpies.  The lines on the pictures are white acrylic applied with a very dry brush.

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  1. I know nothing about gelli prints so enjoyed the simplicity of your discovery. Thanks for commenting on my post for today.