Thursday, July 25, 2013

some more ICADS

Well, I've passed the goal of 61 ICADS in 2 months, and am still going strong.  I have a cheapo ($1.00) 4 x 6 size album from AC Moore that has 100 slots and I'm going to fill it!

Here are some recent ones...
# 70
stamped on watercolor printed card.
I made puddles of watercolor on freezer paper and pressed the cards on top.

# 71

# 72

# 73
collage, foam stamps, sharpie and washi tape

# 74


  1. you are a busy gal! what a great idea. what an amazing way to keep the creativity flowing. impressive stuff!

  2. These look like great fun to do, and probably give you lots of ideas for more art. I like them all, but if I had to choose a favourite, it would be 71.

  3. Very cool cards- hope you are creating a book with them all- they all have such unique individuality and artistry!