Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploring with Your Camera-Process of Elimination

This mon's topic for Ecploring With Your Camera is "process of elimination"--the paring down of the distracting elements in the photo frame to make a so-so shot into a "photograph".  Ideally this should be done with the camers itself, and not in post processing.  I recently found myself doing just this as I tooh dome photos of a neighbor's grape arbor.  This arbor is also home to a climbing rose. is chock-s-block with a hydrangea tree andthe ground is planted heavilt with coneflowers, bkack eyes Susans and other flowers.
A so-so photo of the grapes, lacking a focal point.

Second try--better focal point, but still too busy.

Final photograph--focus on the subject, background reduced to a blur.



  1. Nice lesson in photography Linda! Well done! xx

  2. Great examples! A big differents between the first image and the final one that says GRAPES! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.