Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday--Santa Fe

Didn't do much to this--a little posterize, a little edge enhancement, a little sandstone texturizing.
The little thingies on the top of the walls are luminarias, it was near Christmas, and at night they were lit up.  They were actually all over the square.  It was beautiful!

This ia also my entry for Collage Obsession's Orange Challenge.


  1. perfect in orange. very nice piece. santa fe is one of my most favorite places.

  2. Wonderful adobe...
    the posterization and other processing
    just enhances the composition and lighting.

  3. This image is really beautiful! I love it! Of course I love the colour - but also the shapes (cubism ?:) ) - including the negatives shapes of the windows and dark shadows. Poster enhancement (just a little) is one of my favourites on ps too. Thank you for sharing this image on Mandarin Orange Monday.

    Is the building Spanish or older?

  4. Looks great, the natural colour of the buildings are a great choice. Cheers

  5. The atmosphere is tangible.We want to go there.

  6. So beautiful! Landed here from Mandarin Orange Monday (MoM).

    I hope you can also visit my Mandarin Orange entry, thank you.

  7. Stunning ORANGE. Is this house an Native-Indinans? :)