Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Three Muses--Weather

While not as hot here as in some other parts of the world, it's been sunny and hovering in the 90's for the last several days. Raining today, but still hot...At least we're not on fire...God protect the families and wildlife in Colorado.

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  1. Oh dear, what a macabre scene, and what descriptive words! If we don't get rain soon, it may be a photo of me!!! Great art, Linda! Send some of that rain my way!

  2. You must be able to to hear me laughing from here in the UK. Absolutely hilarious, my friend .... and nice to know what it's doing in Boston! :D

  3. you're good! and funny. feels same here... let me see if i can get my skin off!

  4. It hit 101 here in southeast Michigan yesterday. It's hot and muggy already this morning. I wouldn't mind being at the beach so I could jump in!

  5. Hilarious and fitting!
    Amen to your prayer for those in CO and those who are without electricity.