Monday, December 26, 2011

Some thoughts for progress in the new year

Instead of resolutions this year, I have a list of things to practice, cultivate and work on getting better at in the new year. The Bokeh (bokeh ALWAYS brings me's just so beautiful,always)is from TonnyC at Textures for Layers. The quotes were all found on The Peace Prayer of St. Francis is especially meaningful to me. It was the favorite prayer of my late father-in-law, Jack Gibbons, and it was the way he lived his life. I only knew him for a few short--too short--years , but he is still a major influence in my own life. If I am half the good person he was, I am grateful.


  1. i LOVE quotes and this is a fine composition of these...

  2. This is beautiful with wonderful words to live by. Happy New Year! xx

  3. My Dad WAS a special soul. You should know that he thought marrying yuo was the smartest thing i ever did.

    Love, me