Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspiration Avenue--In the Rainbow Land

Inspiration Avenue's challenge this week is Over the Rainbow.
Rainbows always make me think of Fairies, and Fairies always make me think of wishing to run off to the Fairy lands and live forever. Nice dream...

Credits to Dover and to ScrapbookFlair and to ELizabeth Golden from Last Door Down the Hall for a wonderful collage sheet of images of Maude Fealy.


  1. I got caught up in your fairy dream over the rainbow. Very nice.

    Thanks for the suggestion on my blog problem, but unchecking my sign in box was the first thing I tried when the problem started.

  2. The longer I look at it the more I discover. Very beautiful. Love the verse by Yeats.

  3. I LOVE this- SO very magical!

  4. I love your depiction of this theme. Who doesn't love those dreams of Fairies and magical faraway lands~I can see your imagination woven into to piece...lovely!

  5. I'm conflicted about fairies, myself. Sometimes I want to run away with them and sometimes they just scare me to death!

    I found a daisy fairy ring the other day. Oh! So innocuous looking!

    Lovely image!