Monday, December 27, 2010

Take a Word--Music--to her ears

What proud mother does not dream that her child will be a musical prodigy. Alas, we are not all so blessed.

Image from Land of Nod, background bits by mbgrigby & frannie60 at T4L, and Dover and some other bits that I don't remember where I found them. Photoshop brushes, filters and layer styles were applied as well.

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  1. Oh this is so great. Gave me a smile and beautifully done. xx

  2. Oooh hahahaha this is so grand. Great. Wonderful. Oh my, my eyes are ringing just looking at this picture. It is grand. The design, the colors the depth. I love it.

  3. sooo funny! What a great way to do Music. We all have a different idea of what it is. :0)

  4. This is SO cute! It brings back memories of when my son tried to learn to play the trombone when he was young. Oh, my...

  5. Thanks for the big chuckle, Linda! What a wonderful image to use in this week's challenge! It is funny and whimsical and the background is stunning. I love the colours you have used. Great work.

    Happy New Year.