Monday, November 15, 2010

Where might you fly

This image of a cloud filled sky, glowing with the colors of the sun (set, rise, I don't know)was recently posted to one of the Yahoo groups I belong to and we were challenged to use it for an art piece showing our emotional reaponse.

This is what I made.

Images like this move me deeply, and turn my thoughts to eternity and infinity and making leaps into the unknown. Some times it's a creative leap, sometimes it's the fear of NOT moving that makes you leap, sometimes it's desperation--the need to change something-ANYthing--that sends you out there, where there is no ground below your feet anymore.

All we can hope for at these times is that we WILL be given wings--that we WILL be able to soar. That there is more than we know still waiting for us to discover.

Where will you fly...

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